Submission guidelines

It is open for academicians, practitioners, students and research scholars.
Submission date is 27th of every month.
Topic to be published on website.

•    Word limit of the submission is 2500 – 3000 words (exclusive of footnotes).
•    The article should be typed in Times New Roman, Font Size 12 and the Line Spacing of the article should be double-spaced (1.5), justified.
•    An Abstract of not more than 300 words.
•    Every citation must follow BLUEBOOK 19TH EDITION PATTERN. Authors are responsible for the accuracy and proper format of related sites. The footnotes must be typed in Times New Roman, Font Size 10 and Line Spacing 1.0, justified.
•    The margins on all pages must be 1” or 2.54 cm on all sides.


Only a single submission per Author, Co- Authorship of two Authors may be allowed. Details of Co- Author must be specified in the mail body only.
- The name of the author should not be mentioned anywhere in the article.
- The articles should be the original work of the authors. Plagiarism exceeding 10% will lead to disqualification.
- The articles published elsewhere or selected/ submitted for publication elsewhere shall be disqualified.
- The entries shall be the Intellectual Property of Legal Intelligence which reserves the right of publication of the same in any periodical, journal, newsletter, digital material or in any other manner as it may deem appropriate.
- The Editorial Board’s decision as regards the interpretation of the rules or any other matter related to the submission shall be final and binding.
- Entries must include ALL information listed above to be considered and must be submitted to The subject of the e-mail should be “Submission: Article Title”.

- The body of the e-mail must specify the name of the author, theme & sub-topic, title of the article, name of the participants, college/institute/university of author, programme enrolled & year of study, e-mail address & contact no.
- The submission must be attached in ‘.pdf’, ‘.doc’,’.docx’ format.
- Any entry which does not meet the requirements and deadlines outlined herein will be disqualified from the competition.

All the ARTICLES will be judged on the basis of your logic, survey, writing style, innovation and structure, innovation etc. Participants should write point wise with proper logic, what make the institutes standalone. The content should be PUBLISHED ON WEBSITE. Do not copy from the internet. We will not judge plagiarized Articles and it will be rejected during the screening process only.
Results by 15th of every month. Selected articles will be notified via e-mail. A certificate of publication shall be issued to all the participants on the successful submission of the Articles on fulfilling the criteria.

•    Word limit 600-1000 words (excluding endnotes)
•    Only Endnotes with BLUEBOOK 19TH EDITION method of citation.
•    Topic no restriction
•    The work should not have been submitted elsewhere for Publication.
•    Title must be attractive.