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The unpredicted surface of risks in technology

A generation of living in the ecstasy of internet of every individual being whether it’s external or internal of the technology world the operating of large parts of the internet users is a quick wink of communication on the dark web. Numerous of data is leaked in every single second of personal information of millions of users from the underground web marketplace. For users who know how to access in a dark web by search engines which give the permission to access in a website which brings to a dangerous place where any personal information or privacy of any  citizen  can be leaked, so these threats of data pose a danger to the society.


The dark web was available to the public by 1990s has been used by the scientists and journalist to communicate with the whistle blowers and activists but, the dark net  has been popular during the 1990s to the whole world where ordinary people were using  the technology which has revolutionized everyone’s lives.The dark web constitutes of “deep web” these dark web  doesn’t consists anything that Google or search engines have previously indexed. The estimated of dark web is nearly to 70- 80% which is not accessible in any search engines. The dark web is the internet world wide content, on the website to use the dark net in different sites there is a specific access to the site which needs specific software and authorization of data to access. To use the dark web is more possible way to get the information about what to deal, how to deal, where to deal and leaked the privacy information. More commonly the question of what extent the governments and laws enforcement authorities leverage the surface web in an attempt to crack down the threats which poses a danger  to the society. Those information which are leaked threaten the security of millions of people, so will the government bodies should be concerned about the data leaks that engage in the dark web even the malware users can operate the privacy to the dark web for the sale of information. These capabilities include phishing kits, ransomware, botnets and other tools like illegal drugs selling, child pornography, counterfeit goods and sex trafficking.  Mostly it’s a highly risky to visit the website because it is hidden and illegal. It’s not easy to get to the dark web there are various websites to get to the dark web but to use these website there isone specific browser to open to the various websites of dark net i.e. SilkRoad, Torlinks, Torch Search Engine, Propublica, DuckduckGo and etc. To say that whether dark web are illegal, mostly 40% of it is illegal, but to visit the websites one  have to take caution when surfing the dark web may not be illegal but visiting certain sites or making deals like drugs or any criminal activities are illegal, in adequate way to visit the dark sites is for participating any forums, blogs or politics which is not a criminal activity. Dark web also began using fuelled crypto currency as bitcoin. Bitcoins are an uninsured and variable currency that created to store encrypted digital wallets but also it’s very difficult to track down the person who spent them. The cyber criminals are offering credible personal information to make as a business to make real profit for their service.

The government agencies should take a strong action against the networking of dark web as it is increasing day to day life. The Central Government has made the rules to carry out the provisions of the IT Act under section 87 of the Act. It affects the government agencies because the number of cyber crimes is rising and gives the lead to get access to sites which are illegal and get through of millions of privacy threats to the citizens were the cyber criminals access this dark web as an inappropriate way and provide valuable insight. The dark web affects the governmental agencies entities at every level how to find out the information or to tracked the website, it need from gathering the intelligence or group of conspiring to attack a utility of public transportation system from uncovering clues about the sale of illegal drugs or illicit activities or any malware activities. To fix this a way out of access by the cyber security intelligence by keeping an outsource of internal or external movement and find ways to stop their crimes and illegal deeds before it happen. Accessing into these marketplaces  will help the agencies and authorities to unlock clues into the sale of drugs and trafficking across countries to countries lines.


The dark web should be treated as any other communication platform like a clear web were we can access to many ways of communication like social media in terms of social awareness and discussion, even for the dark web provides  some useful ways to communicate, as dark web isn’t bad at all because it increases the relation between a person’s computer and the destination of the server they’re trying to reach. It can also be used for purchases and communicating or browsing with increased privacy conducting research and participating in social media. With the uprising of global markets, the digital market has become one of the most significant tools to involve people with  corrupted minds to gain pleasure and money. The cyber security intelligence  coordination with the law enforcement  agencies has made it possible  to conduct the investigations that have been exploiting criminals and undermining their assets. Though accessing the dark web for any privacy information is not advisable but being aware of the situation. Despite that the vast amount of information contains in dark web were it carry out criminal activities, so dark web is by its nature that discriminate between the ordinary users and the criminals. The government agencies must address this issue by maintaining tactics of privacy information, the most effective way is to look for the illegal sites not the illegal users. So, to protect the private information the government should shut  down the sites or bring charges to the illicit sites for the future users who are considering accessing illegal sites or to break down the main browser so that no users will get  access to it. Dark web like, all good policy must be thoughtful in order to strike the balance between the needs of privacy illegal users and the government’s responsibility to stop illegal activity. Therefore, the objective of the IT Act in regulating digital world and that of the criminal major acts in granting punishment and serving justice will be fulfilled. This will improve the safe browsing of the Internet by regulating it by the law of the land.


End Notes

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Melarisha Kharkongor

BBA.LLB (H) 2nd Year

Amity Law School Kolkata